Boudoirs soaked in coffee, almond liqueur, mascarpone and eggs €8.00

Panna cotta with vanilla, chocolate crumble and red fruits
Traditional Italian dish of cream €8.50

Parfait of white chocolate, raspberries and nougat
Ice cream dessert of mascarpone, white chocolate, peccan and pistachio nuts, eggs, raspberries and caramel €8.50

Dame Blanche
Traditional vanilla ice cream and warm callebaut fondant sauce with or without whipped cream €8.50

Classic baked cheesecake with mascarpone, lemon and almond flakes €7.50

Crème brulée
The classic among the classics, no introduction needed €8,00

Creme brulee
The classic among the classics, no introduction needed! €7.80

Caramelized apples with speculaas ice cream
Puff pastry with caramelized apples, speculaas ice cream, rum caramel and lime €9,00

Cheese plate from “Schoonvliet”
Selected cheeses by “Inge” of “Schoonvliet €9.00 / €14.00